6/24 - Rockadoodle and the Dueling Narwhals!

Jamie: "Neh neh. We should get the drums for Rock Band."
Nick: "What?!?! You're ready to play? I'll be right back!"

[A trip to Best Buy and the Jym (that's what the gym at the JCC is called, by me) later...]

Sorry about the picture quality... Jamie and I had just finished watching the video from The Ring, so our pictures are sort of out of focus. Yeah, so Jamie and I are back, finally, to playing guitar hero... that was our favorite thing to do ever, and even though Jamie is relegated to our permanent drummer/vocalist, it was SO much fun playing guitar hero with Jamie again. It was even more fun once we disabled the drum foot pedal. [Code = Yellow, Green, Red, Blue(4), Red]. She can't really use the foot pedal yet... even though the wounds on her knee are healing fabulously, she's still being asked to only wear the legs for one hour blocks to get her used to the weight of the prosthetics... Once that's taken care of, she will have to use the foot pedal.

So, if you're curious, Jamie and I used an ACE bandage and this super-sticky stuff called "painter's tape" (Note: It's not tape... it's also probably not called Painter's Tape), and bound her hands to the drumsticks, with the sticks positioned as they otherwise would be... and, then, voila... I keep telling everyone that our band's name should be "The Dueling Narwhals" because each hand looks like a Narwhal.... but I haven't met anyone else who knows what a Narwhal whale is. A Narwhal Whale, according to the experts, is a unicorn/whale hybrid. See that picture over there [====>]? That's a Narwhal, folks.

And, now, ladies and gentlemen... I'm pleased to present... Rockadoodle and the Dueling Narwhals!!!
PS - Rockadoodle is and always has been my Guitar Hero band name.
PPS - I'm burning that Hawaiian shirt right after I post.