6/23 - Brisket!

Happy belated father’s day, everyone! We had a wonderful weekend in Austin. KC came to visit her sister for a few days and the three of us got to play video games together (more on that in the next post). The biggest news from the weekend is that the Men’s Club at St. Ignatius in Austin sold briskets to raise funds for Jamie. It was a great turn out. They sold over one hundred briskets, raising an amazing amount of money. The fathers of two of Jamie’s best friends – Eddie Cantu and Steve Palmer [they're in the front row, with Jamie in the picture], fathers to Andy and Michelle – are in the Men’s Group, and we can’t thank them enough for their efforts on Jamie’s behalf. I wanted to thank everyone involved before too much time had passed. I wish I this post was wittier or more laudatory, but you can’t squeeze water from a rock… wait, that’s not it… you can’t unring the bell… no… Ah, forget it.... I'm just out of good material. Here’s some fun pictures from the event. Thank you all so much, you deserve much more than this brief post. (Mom, instead of telling me what this post lacks, just add it in the comments! Love you!)

Oh, I should say that the briskets were delicious. Want to know what they looked like? Too bad. Here they are. (You already saw them anyway, didn't you?)