Surgery Wednesday!

This update is a little late in the making, but Jamie is having her first major surgery in a while tomorrow. As we speak, mom, Jamie, KC and Roni are in Houston together having fun at a hotel the night before the surgery. The surgery takes place tomorrow at 9am... which means everyone needs to be at the hospital at 7am... which also means that Jamie can't eat any food after midnight or so... and it also means that the surgery probably won't start until 10am. Even though we haven't had a major surgery in a few months, this seems like very familliar territory for the family. I'm sure that mom will have no trouble jumping through all of these familliar hoops.

Here's the deal with tomorrow's surgery. Dr. Boutros will be covering the bones on Jamie's right hand with skin taken from... somewhere... though I know it isn't a traditional skingraft and I also know it isn't going to be a flap procedure. Jamie's hands will be free in the next couple of weeks, unlike last time. Also, both of Jamie's hands will have a procedure called a "Z-plasty" (really) and the purpose of this surgery is to increase the amount of gripping ability of both of her hands. So, I guess both of her hands will be hurting for a little while going forward... which is why we're glad that Tommie (last name withheld/forgotten temporarily) is letting us use an electric scooter he has, so Jamie won't have to put pressure on her hands when they're still sore from the surgery.

Anyway, wish us luck and keep Jamie in your prayers. We're very hopeful that these procedures are going to be huge successes, like the last one was. I wish I had more to add, but, as you could tell from my description, I don't know as much about this surgery as I have about the past ones... So be sure to check back in soon for an update on how things went. I'm sure they went really well.

PS - I'm in Dallas because I'm going on a bachelor party weekend, starting tomorrow. So, yeah, I'm missing Jamie's surgery, but, in all fairness, I had plunked down some money on this trip... I was almost in more trouble for missing KC's birthday, which is on July 2nd. Happy Birthday KC!