1/4 Super Bug and New Room (KC's post)

So I just wrote out a huge update and accidentally pressed the back button and the whole thing was erased, so I'm sorry if this update isn't as informative as you'd like... Nicholas and Uncle Todd.

So today started out with physical therapy, which went well. Jamie's muscle movement is progressing well. She can kick her legs about six times each and can cross her arms over her chest and can lift them up and down a little.

...then, she had her wound care, which is developing ever better. She has minimal wounds on her arms and they're only on her hands and her elbows. But her arms definitely look the best. Her butt is also looking good, as usual, but the wounds on her butt are looking good too. She had a wound on her tush that was a couple of inches deep and is now level with the rest of her skin. Her legs have the furthest to go, even though they're looking much better. Her mid thigh to lower calf have open wounds on them. They are healing, but I think they're healing from the thighs down. But the healing process is starting to itch REALLY bad, which is frustrating for Jamie because she can't scratch it herself. But itching is the least of her problems, and she's getting benadryl for it anyways.

After wound care, Jamie did her regular hyperbaric chamber treatment where she took a nice little snooze. While she was napping, Mom, Roni and I went to check out the room that Jamie will be moving into tomorrow. Yes, the patient to nurse ratio will be higher outside of the ICU but hopefully it will help Jamie feel a little more comfortable, like she has her own space. Because, as you can imagine, there is little to be comfortable about while staying in the ICU. So this new room has two pullout couches for mom (and another visitor) to sleep on, it has a mini-fridge to keep Jamie's drinks cold and her snacks fresh, it has good natural light and MOST IMPORTANTLY it has a bathroom attached to it. So that means that we don't have to take a five minute walk to pee anymore... thank goodness. So tomorrow, during Jamie's hyperbaric treatment we'll be moving all her junk into her new room. YAY!!!!

So now for some not great news. Recently Jamie has been doing blood cultures, particularly to check for a bacteria called Acinetobacter. Infections from this bacteria are common in hospitals... especially ICUs. In fact, infections rarely occur outside of healthcare settings. This bacteria causes a variety of things to happen, anything from pneumonia to serious blood or wound infections and the symptoms vary depending on the disease, but at a worse case scenario, can lead to death. This bacteria can also live in a person without causing infection, but people with compromised immune systems, like Jamie, are at a higher risk for this bacteria to become an infection. Its commonly called the "SUPER BUG" because it is highly resistant to antibiotics. So the only thing we can do to prevent her from contracting this bacteria is cracking down on germ transfers from visitors to Jamie. So now, everyone (including Mom and I) has to wear blue gowns and latex gloves, and everyone has to wash there hands on the way out... not just use the disinfectant liquid. But we also need to limit the amount of junk that is coming into Jamie's room, so even though we appreciate gifts, Jamie would much rather see your sweet face, that is if you're covered in a blue gown and latex gloves.

...Speaking of, Jamie has had a nice flow of friends coming to visit with her. Aunt Nancy left Tuesday when my mom got back. Friday, Roni came to visit and left today. I came into town on saturday and will leave on wednesday. Michelle, Emily and Leslie came to visit for the night on saturday too, which was great. Jamie loves visiting with her friends, and it definitely had a direct effect on her mood. Caitlin Dempsey came to visit for the day today... which is a great example, even if you only have a day to spare, a drive to Houston from Austin, Dallas or San Antonio doesn't require too much time. And I think more A-team friends are coming into town on tuesday or wednesday.

Anyhoo... Jamie, mom and I are watching the new Katt Williams stand up, so I'm gonna go. Hopefully the next time you hear from us, we'll be writing from our brand new room. So until then.... keep Jamie in your thoughts and prayers.

Love, KC, Mom and Jamie