2009! - Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun new years eve. Michelle, Cristina and I brought the new years to Jamie in her cozy room with some hospital bubbly, aka Sprite.

I am back in Houston having returned last night from a 2 day trip to the valley. I've been gone from the valley & work since Nov. 13th - d day. Needless to say my work has suffered a bit but I sure couldn't concentrate on work while I was away from Jamie. Jamie says she missed me & I know I missed her, so I'm glad to be back in Houston with Jamie. Today Jamie had a different routine than her normal schedule. She will be having debridment done once a week in the OR under mild anesthesia. So she begins this routine by not having anything to eat or drink after midnight. Jamie wakes up early with an 8:30 dive - she managed to stay in for the full 2 hours. Her surgery was scheduled for noon so by then she is very thirsty and hungry. So what little appetite Jamie has needs to be postponed till after surgery. She was done and back in her room by 3:00. The purpose of the surgery is to do a more thorough cleaning of her wounds while under sedation. The cleaning will allow the new tissue to heal & grow faster while not having to deal with necrotic tissue. Everything went well but we won't be able to see the results till Friday. Because of new years day Jamie will have a well deserved break from the chamber, OT/PT and wound care. YEA!!!!

We will be so glad to have the holidays over so that we can focus on a regular routine -Wound Care - Chamber - OT//PT. With the move from Austin to Houston, Xmas Thursday and now New Years Thursday there was a constant wrench thrown into what schedule we were trying to have. So beginning Monday there will be goals to reach, milestones to accomplish to Jamie's ultimate goal of getting the hell out of here.

We want to send a shout out to Aunt Nancy & Jenn and of course Cristina for staying with Jamie while I was gone. I felt comfortable and confident that Jamie was well taken care of.

Thanks to all of Jamie's friends & visitors - Sarah, Molly, Cris, Julie, Claire, Michelle, Andy, Caitlin, Raashi, Becca, Pat, Weston, etc., etc. Of course Jamie's family has ALWAYS been an important part of our lives. If you know the Silva/Schanbaum family you know that there is a lot of them. I know I couldn't do it without them. If I left you out feel assured that all of you will be in our hearts always & we will be forever grateful. 2008 is now behind us but 2009 will be Jamie's year. Stay tuned the best is yet to come. Keep those cards, calls & letters coming. It truly brightens our day to hear from you. And always remember to keep Jamie is your prayers.

Much Love to you & yours - Mom, Nick, KC, Roni & Jamie