1/7 - Impressions from afar

Since no one else is posting right now, I'll take up the reigns and do the best I can with what limited info I have. Don't expect this to be the most insightful or detailed post. Those posts will come from Houston today or tomorrow (or when I get there on Friday).

The last day or so have been better from an emotional/mental standpoint for Jamie. She had been a bit bummed out, especially since she's been in isolation, but her mood seems to have improved. (Note: Being IN isolation seems to have little to do with being IN anywhere. It really refers to the process of visitors putting on face masks, gloves and gowns, like we had to do a few times in Austin. No big deal, btw.) I really think that she's become ok with the idea of losing her fingers... and by "I really think" I should say: "She said". We're not going to move forward with amputating the fingertips until next week so that (1) Jamie can meet with someone from Houston who had a similar experience with the disease [side note: I'm having dinner tonight with someone from Dallas who had this same illness... pretty excited] (2) the sisters and I can be there for the surgery and (3) so that we can, maybe, just maybe see some progress with the tissue underlying the necrotic-second-knuckle tissue.

Damn. I'd type more but the boss just left. So, I'm leaving too. Don't tell anyone.

[Don't want to leave them hanging, do you, mom? Time for your post :)]