12/10 (late) post - Waiting for Jamie to get to Houston [by KC]

So, here's the update on Jamie. As of yesterday, she was officially accepted to St. Joseph Medical Center in Downtown Houston. The facility is really nice, nicer than Seton Hospital (where Jamie has been). St. Joe's is really really really pretty (Nicholas and I went exploring there last night, when we drove into H-town). It's also conveniently close to Nicholas' Houston office. St. Joe's was the first hospital built in Houston, and I read a stat that said, "one in three Houstonians was born at St. Joseph Medical Center". Pretty cool. But on the same note, its not old looking. In fact, it looks as though it was recently renovated. St. Joe's has a lot of specific wings that will be helpful to Jamie's recovery, like a hyperbaric chamber (which the new impressive doctor says Jamie needs to be doing treatments in regularly). It also has a great Advanced Wound Care Center, which is really important because Jamie is still dealing with a lot of wounds on her legs and lower-arms. It also has a great rehabilitation center that's pretty fancy looking. And once Jamie is strong enough, i'm sure she'll take full advantage of that. But one of the reasons we're coming to this facility is to see a specialist that comes very highly recommended. He's nationally recognized and is the chief of vascular surgery for Baylor, and most importantly is focused on tissue regrowth and not as focused on cutting things off, like our Austin plastic surgeon (who is 80% cosmetic, from what my mom told me). So Jamie is gonna be flown into Houston and sent straight to the ICU of St. Joe's, where a team of doctors will be waiting, who are already informed of her condition. The only problem is that their ICU is full... so now, we have to wait for bedspace to free up in order to get the go-ahead to send Jamie over. So in the meantime, we're doing everything we can to get Jamie there as speedily as possible. So once she gets here we'll let everyone know via this facebook group or the blog. Thanks again for the support and care, and definetly keep it coming because now that Jamie is in a different city, she'll need it more than ever. Thanks,