12/8 - We're going to Houston... that's right, Houston.

After being particularly devastated by the news from our Plastic Surgeon, we started researching and requesting references for specialists that either had experience with this disease and/or is willing and able to attempt treatments intended to regrow and repair tissue. (For the record, there are 5 conjunctions in that sentence... sorry). So, we reached out to some of these doctors and found one who thinks there are opportunities to regrow and repair this tissue...

... not only that, but he's seen pictures taken on 12/2 and 12/7....

... and what's better, is that he's not a quack!

He's actually a real doctor, not like an Indian Shaman... he's super credentialed and he's a member of the Dharma Initiative....

So, mom, KC and I have been at the hospital today (Roni has work and final projects), and mom had to break up with Dr. Bummer today and tell him about Dr. Houston Doctor. Then the Infectious Disease doctor came into the waiting room and told us that we wouldn't necessarily find what we're looking for in Houston... then, for no reason, mom told him about the facebook group and blog, despite the last blog post talking about how mad I am at the plastic surgeon's recommendation... Doesn't mom know that he could read this blog now? Doesn't she know that, even though mom has had a gigantic, girly crush on him for almost a month [that's what you get, mom] and I think he's a wonderful, wonderful doctor [Hi Dr. B., glad you found the blog], we are still pretty focused on moving.

Jamie is doing well. She was a bit anemic yesterday, but after getting some blood transfusions, she's been more peppy. I wonder if Jamie is currently getting transfusions of blood that we donated for her a few weeks ago...thanks for that, btw. Jamie's vitals are good. She had a restless night, but ever since we've been in IMC, mom has been sleeping at the hospital. Frankly, I don't like the care from the IMC nurses... except for one... and she knows who she is... girlfriend.

Sorry that this update isn't as Jamie-centric as normal. They're running some more tests on Jamie today to determine whether or not her high HR and occasional temperature are signs of infection or if they are signs of some inflammation... or anything else. Jamie's been eating a lot and talking a lot. She's just been sleepier than normal. Her pain levels are OK and they keep her pretty well regulated on that stuff, especially before physical therapy or wound care.

Honestly, today's going to be a beating. We're going to have to tell all of these people who honestly care about Jamie that we're trying to "better-deal" them. (Is that the phrase?).

Not only that, but we've been talking to about 8 different doctors... I feel like we asked 10 girls to the prom, but now have to go with 1 and tell the others that we've been taken. I think they'll be OK with it, since its all about Jamie. Still, sounds like a bunch of awkward conversations in my future.

Until then, stay tuned. We'll be in Austin until you hear otherwise. Talk to you soon.