12/11 Update - Going to Houston now... Thanks to Austin.

We're relocating to St. Joe's in downtown Houston today. We've been talking about this move for a little while now, but it is officially happening today. Mom is flying in with Jamie from Austin and should be driving from the hospital at or around 4pm. Then, she'll get on a plane and fly to Houston... more driving... then Hospital time and I get to see Jamie again.

We're very excited to get Jamie under the care of this team of doctors. They seem very enthusiastic and willing to employ treatments designed to rebuild and repair dying or dead tissue in Jamie's hands and feet. There will be many more updates about the new doctors going forward.

As we move forward, we need to recall what we've been through. What CANNOT be overstated is the level of gratitude we feel to Jamie's doctors at the Seton ICU. Doctors Morrison, Bissett and Momin (yep, I can really only remember a few of their names now) really did save Jamie's life. They ran the point and made the decisions that made sure Jamie lived to this point. Frankly the perspective provided by the doctors I didn't like too much helped us get us to where we are, so we should also be grateful for Dr. Tall Doctor, Dr. Hand Doctor and Dr. Bummer (we can thank people twice, after all).

We'd also love to thank the lovely nurses at the ICU. Even though we took a liking to many of the nurses, we love Neema and Brittany most of all (and I love Brittany most of all. Sigh.) Without their sympathy and complete understanding of our family's situation (the situation being that we're VERY overbearing and nosy... thanks for understanding how crazy we can be).

Finally, Jamie's friends and family that came to Austin for Jamie made Jamie's recovery bearable (that doesn't look right...). Without them, I'm not certain that we'd be where we are today. Which means, of course, that we need to see the same support out in Houston... to the extent you can make it. We've got places for you to sleep and if not, we'll find them. Still, stay in touch. If you're on Jamie's A-Team or part of the family, then call me and we'll see if/when Jamie can visit. We'll find a place for you. If you aren't part of the A-Team, then get a hold of me (cell, text, email(s), group, wall, blog comments) using your choice of method.... or if you're Uncle Todd, try getting a hold of me using ALL of those methods. :)

Thanks again for supporting our Jamie. More updates to come!