7/30 - Walking Around and Jamie's New Marching Orders

... and we're back!

So, I guess I should start with the obvious news. Jamie is really progressing on her prosthetics. We've sorted out, for the most part, the problems she initially was experiencing with her legs (the wounds that weren't closing [still open, a bit, by the way], the knee injury from before her illness that made the socket fit funny, etc.) are mostly non-issues. When she's at her PT sessions at St. David's (seen, to the left), she's started walking on the parallel bars... going back and forth and repeating. On Monday, when she was at PT with Roni, she walked back and forth on the parallel bars 4 times. That represented a huge achievement for Jamie. One of the more recent posts on this blog has a video of her walking a few steps for just a minute or two... so, considering the huge leap from that earlier time to Monday's walking with the parallel bars, I thought things couldn't get much better. Turns out I was wrong... Jamie's trainer, Kerri and I were watching Jamie go through the parallel bars a few times... I wouldn't know how many times because I was out of the room on the phone... but when I got back (Jamie: "Finally! There you are.") Jamie had already been up on her legs a while, but she wanted to show me more. I was amazed to watch her walk back and forth a few times, because I hadn't seen that yet... then Kerri asked me if I wanted to try holding Jamie up while she took steps. This required me to stand in front of her and, with my arms bent at the elbow, I supported Jamie's weight on my forearms while she walked towards me. This was adorable, of course. Then Kerri chimed in with, "Do you guys have a walker?"... "Um, nope."... "Here, let me get one then." So, Kerri went and got us a walker and off we went. This is what it looked like, more or less:

No wait... that's exactly what it looked like. Anyway, in case you want some pictures of your dedicated author standing next to his "little" sister, here ya go ==>

Anyway, so as you could see, she walked around a whole bunch. Bob, her Occupational Therapist showed up for the end of the PT session, which is always before her OT session, and when Jamie was done walking, he made her walk all the way back accross the room to sit in a real chair, where they did some weird wax-related procedure, pictures are over there, to the left. The wax was fun... everyone loves playing with wax.... but what's really interesting is that this was the first time Jamie has sat in a "real chair", at least according to her, since November. So, that was a fun day at OT/PT... also, we got a walker yesterday so Jamie can show everyone her new walking skillz....

... and so she can practice walking a lot more while at home. That's part of the new rules here at the Schanbaum. According to her OT/PT guys, the new "default" will be that Jamie wears her legs for most the day and then can take them off when she's uncomfortable... but she'll have to put them back on shortly. This is a big change from the old rules - where Jamie wore her legs sometimes, but most of the time she didn't wear them. In fact, Jamie is becoming much more independent. Instead of asking us to do things for her or push her somewhere, she's going and doing it herself... or at least trying to do it herself, which is pretty much what she should be doing now anyway. It takes some getting used to on our part as well, this whole "independence" thing. Its not an unusual occurence for Jamie to be seen using a fork on her own, attempting to put things in her webspace, and while it may not work out as she hoped (at least not yet), I'm so happy to see her trying new things...

That's about all I've got to say... so, just for fun here's a picture of Jamie with Daisy Mae, one of our kitties.