7/19 - On Stage at the Ghostland Observatory concert!

Well, that was pretty terrific!
Yesterday, Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner (above left and right, respectively) - the two men who perform for thousands upon thousands of fans as Ghostland Observatory - outdid themselves again and gave Jamie and her friends (and mom, and Roni and me) some memories that we're unlikely to ever forget. To give everyone a brief introduction, through a series of connections that we luckily stumbled into, Aaron and Thomas each came to visit Jamie in the hospital when she was still doing inpatient rehab (more like, IMpatient rehab... HA! I'm sorry...) at St. David's in Austin. You don't believe me?

See? Told you.

<== Thomas and Jamie

Sarah, Jamie, Aaron, and Michelle ====>

Anyway, as I was saying, this is Act III in their gift to Jamie. When they came to visit, Jamie and her friends told the guys that they would be attending the Ghostland Observatory shows in New Braunsfels as well as the one at Austin City Limits on the day before Jamie's birthday. They both said, basically, "You're coming to our shows, well, hey, lets get you backstage, it'll be an awesome time!" To which, we all said, "uhhh... ok." Fast forward about two months and its July and we're getting ready to see them play, up close and personal... and when I say upclose, I mean it. Check this out:

(Special thanks to Roni for taking all of these amazing shots... once Roni selects her faves, she may post some more up here.)

Anyway, yeah we were super close. But it wasn't just a fun concert, it was a really great day. Most of Jamie's best friends came over to the house around 4 to start putting glow-in-the-dark paint and stickers all over their bodies. There were a lot of us and we piled into two cars and headed to New Braunsfels. We got to the venue around 6:30 or 7 and were absolutely shocked at the set-up provided by the Ghostland guys. When we got there, we met Brian the stage manager and he told us to make ourselves comfortable and to feel at home. He also told us that they had cordoned off an area on the back corner of the stage for us to sit in and that if anyone gave us any stress, to come find him and he'd tell them where to stick it. So, we were elated. We knew we'd be getting backstage passes (though we didn't believe it would happen for certain until we arrived there... didn't want to jinx it), but to actually be on stage is totally different. Here's the view from our first sitting area. It was probably about 8:00 when this picture was taken -

Pretty adorable, no? (Also, that's Roni's friend, Bailey. "Hi, Bailey!") Too bad KC had to work in Dallas... :( Anyway, then we came to find out that our little area would be a little out of the way of the show, and that Thomas and Aaron wanted us to have the best seats in the place... right up front. Actually, take another look at the picture, above, and see where those two horizontal cases are? Right behind the guy with the plaid shorts? That's where we were standing... it was awesome.

There was some time to kill before the show got going, and Aaron and Thomas each came up to us to say hello before the show. That was really nice, and I love when they do that. Here's a picture of Aaron saying hi... I couldn't find one of Thomas saying hi where someone didn't look hilariously terrible.

So, the show went on. It was the best concert I've ever been to. Roni, mom and I had never been to a Ghostland concert before, but it was amazing. The girls (and Andy) felt right at home. We are so grateful to these guys for going out of their way to make Jamie's recovery process a memorable one for all of the right reasons. This is something that she and her friends will never forget.

Here's a few more pictures that Roni took during the show... Just an amazing night overall... now back to work!