Fun Times for Jamie

What a week. It's Monday morning right now but I'm going to go over last week & what a week.
Let's start with the fact that I've officially moved out of my apartment in the valley put everything in storage and am totally displaced - again. Oh well - my heart & soul is with my baby girl. Thank you, thank you to my family, as always I can never do it without them. I love them very much.

The last blog was from KC who gave a birds eye view from the point of not having seen Jamie for awhile. Which is always an interesting perspective because when you haven't seen Jamie for while you can definitely see the progress. But while there is quite alot of progress there have been bumps in the road - and last week had big bumps. Once again I've been cautiously watching her blood count especially since she was taken off all antibiotics. Jamie's red blood count has been slowly creeping down. Sloooooowly! - here is where things started going haywire. A blood culture was done as they are often done and it tested positive - not good. So she is back on Vancomycin. That's okay just so glad that Dr. Thai saw the need and acted quickly.

The same day Jamie was complaining of chest pains while at the end of her dive - again not good. Lupe in hyperbaric saw the need to cautiously and slowly bring her up from the dive. Afraid that her lung may have collapsed. So after slowly coming out of dive she was immediately taken to xray - "stat" (love that word) for 2 views of her lungs. Results came back that she had "atelectasis" which is the tissue effecting the lung that caused alveoli to deflat. In other words a small portion of the right lower lobe had collapsed. It will be resolved with daily breathing exercise. Jamie was given the thumbs up to continue dives.

When we got back to room from xray a nurse was waiting for us to place a "pic" line in Jamie's arm. "What?" Well it seems that the Dr.'s felt that "central line" (in her upper right chest) may be cause of infection. Okay - let's do it - so a nurse prepared to prep and it was done under very sterile conditions, bedside in her room. But it didn't go so well and it didn't feel too good for Jamie. The next morning while trying to extract blood nothing happened and it was very painful for Jamie. Sooooo Jamie was sent to Interventional Radiology to check for st guided placement of pic line. It seems that it was placed in wrong vein. Dr. Strax said it needs to be redone Whoa!!! Jamie was not a happy camper as you can only imagine. So they came and called me from waiting room to tell me that Jamie would only consider it if she were sedated. So "Super Mom" - that's me, ha! - came to the rescue. So I said "Put me in a lead bid to repell the radition and let's get this done." Sorry, have to find humor some where. Well, it was done and correctly. Thank you Dr. Zeke for your quided help - I appreciate it.

Well, lastly Jamie has also tested positive for a urinary tract infection. It's only to be expected especially having to have a catheter in since Nov 13th. Of course it's been replaced several times but regardless it's been there long.

We ended the week with alot of fabulous visitor. Nicholas - yeah! I can go bathe. Roni came in with Jamie's friends Michelle, Molly and Jeff. Another yeah!, great movie watching time and thanks to the dvd's sent to us by Uncle Mark and Aunt Debra there was alot to watch. Of course thanks to blockbuster. Uncle Zeke and Aunt Shirley - always great because Uncle Zeke helps me mechanically gets things in order and Aunt Shirley helps with our stinky laundry. It was topped off by a visit from Papa Gene, Uncle Don & Aunt Jackie.

A big thank you goes out to Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. and his Aide Louie Sanchez for their visit and their support. Sen. Lucio's words of encouragement and prayers are very much appreciated. Jamie and the Schanbaum would like to thank him for any and all help given to Jamie in this trying time.

Of course from the bottom of my heart & Jamie hearts we want to thank you all for your prayers. We do believe in the power of prayers - not only for Jamie but for the Physicians, the nurses, Hyperbaric, Wound Care, Physical Therapy. Pray that God guide their hands in the healing of Jamie. Lots & lots of love - keep those cards & letters coming.

ps. A message to Dr. Lin - we know you have to go on vacation, to get away from all of us but bear in mind you were truly truly missed and we're sure glad you're back