Exciting News for Jamie

Where do I begin - where I left off would be a good idea. First let me apologize for taking so long to post but flying solo makes it a little difficult. My days tend to be sooooooooo long. In fact it's Friday 11:30 pm and all is well - quite nice. Anywho - Jamie had her weekly surgery on Tuesday and everything went well. A new central line was put in - we just can't seem to draw blood on the pic lines and we need to draw blood (like she has any blood to draw, just kidding). So central lines are what seems to work however things happen - so I'm told, central lines tend to cause infections more. Her IV that goes to her central line consist of "TPN", along with fluids its supplies approximately 40 grams of protein per bag. That is awesome considering Jamie needs approx 90 grams of protein per day. That is what her dietitian Allison tells us.

So let's talk diet - 2500 calories and 90 grams of protein daily - maybe for one of the Steelers or okay one of the Cardinals but not for a cute 20 year old. A cute 20 year old who is also taking approx. 20 meds daily and has enough difficulty keeping that down. So Jamie wakes up around 8:30 - I try to let her sleep as late as possible - the 4 hour nightly vitals makes it difficult to get a good night sleep (speaking of the devil I hear them coming now it's close to midnight - right on time - Blood Pressure 127 over 53, Heart Rate - 103, Temp 99.9.) Back to the topic of diet - 8:30 am, I try to make Jamie eat something - anything before morning meds. All meds are important but I try to space them out. Viagara, metropolol, ultram are a couple of the more important meds - then lets wait and give the vitamins. Vitamins are also important put are a little harsh on Jamie's stomach. We try and try to keep those down before the next go around - she needs each and every one of them. I measure every ounce down to every bite just to meet our goal. BTW Allison, Jamie's dietitian came by and said we're doing a great job. My job is to reach those goals Jamie's job is to eat it and not to get too mad at me as I try to shove it down her throat. Jamies needs food/calories to keep her weight and again more importantly "PROTEIN". Protein - excellent for healing all her wounds.

So it was a routine week for Jamie but I tried to make it a more intense week - Hospital Boot Camp. Jamie knows that she must make that push to get us through this so she puts up with the food, exercise, OT, Protein (I'm even sick of that word)

No diving this weekend - everyone needs a break including Wound Care. Thanks for coming in every weekend so Jamie could dive. Sara came for a quick visit and today Cristina came in from Colorado for a visit including her parents. Papa Gene comes to visit tomorrow.

Let me now make a couple of announcements:
1. Jamie will be interviewed Monday by the local ABC affiliate. In light of the model from Brazil coming down with septic shock and subsequently dying, Jamie has become an interest to the media. A story may also come up in Austin with CBS. I also heard that CNN may pick up Jamie's story - stayed tuned. I will also keep you informed.

2. Most Important Announcements - this week marked a huge time - it was Nick and Roni's bday. I know that I couldn't be who I am without each of them. Happy Birthday to my babies - Mommy is so proud of you.

Good Night for now - I'm exhausted, Jamie's sound asleep - I will write tomorrow when I don't feel so delirious