6/9 - A day trip to Houston; playing the Wii

So, I don't have much to add, except to say that there isn't much to add for now. There will be big announcements to come - hopefully sooner than later - especially now that Jamie had that surgery on her knee. Mom, Jamie and Roni went to Houston to visit Dr. Boutros. He wanted to see Jamie before scheduling the next flap surgery, this time on her right hand. He met with Jamie and sent us back to Austin with an appointment to undergo surgery on that hand on July 1st. We're excited to be moving forward on her hands and her legs... like I said, I'm very excited that Jamie's knee looks to be healing on its own. We should be up in our prosthetics in a week or so, I hope.

I think everyone would be happy to know that Jamie and I played the Wii together over the past few days. With a clever use of Ace bandages and some other hospital materials, I affixed Jamie's right hand to a Wiimote and she was good to go!! (provided that the games didn't require any button pushing). She was able to play Tennis, Baseball and she was able to play Boom Blocks (check it out!), but it was kind of difficult. It's the little things that matter most, and this was a nice little treat for us.

Finally, I'm going to try to get better with the timeliness of the updates. I'll rededicate myself to posting on the blog over the next few weeks. There's always something to add... I like the silence however, so maybe I should just try to avoid jinxing us. Don't want to disturb the peace... there's some healing going on...