6/11 - Live in Austin? Need food for Father's Day? Want to help Jamie's medical expenses?

Then you're in luck!

The fathers of two of Jamie's best friends are involved in an annual Father's Day benefit where their group of altruistic men (appropriately called the Men's Club) sell brisket to families on Father's Day and then donate the proceeds to a worthy cause. This year, the worthy cause is Jamie! We are so happy and have already had some orders come in from Jamie supporters and we haven't even put the word out on the blog.

So, here's the details: The event is formally hosted by St. Ignatius Martyr Church - Men's Club. Mr. Palmer (512.565.0361) and Mr. Cantu (512.658.3393) are the people to call if you want a brisket. The briskets are 40$ a piece, but all that extra money you're spending (and it isn't that much because the briskets are apparently great) goes to Jamie. You pick up the briskets on Sunday, June 21 (Father's Day) between 8am and 12 noon at the church, located at 126 W. Oltorf (NW corner of Oltorf and Congress).

Our family is so grateful for efforts like this. A whole, organized event... organized entirely by someone else... all for Jamie. It's just so great to see that kind of charity and thoughtfullness in today's society. Anywho, you should definitely get your brisket from there... Give your mom/wife a break and order the brisket. You'll get so many brownie points you won't know what to do with them... (You can donate them to Jamie too, if you'd like)

Happy (early) Father's Day to all!