December 1 update - Jamie feels a bunch of pain, eats stuff (without pain)... other things happen...

Today, Jamie made a couple of big strides. First, the biggest change is that she passed her swallow test with flying colors. She moved on to applesauce pretty quickly, and then onto even bigger food... then she barfed. Still, its pretty good to know that her eating functions are still in working order.

Going down the line, her arms are still pretty weak. She has some plastic splints on her hands/arms, even if she would ordinarily be able to lift her arms, she's hindered by the splints. Her hands are way better than they were earlier this week... but I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that the black parts of her thumbs/fingers are looking too much better. We're still watching those parts of her hands closely. A good thing, I guess, is that she's feeling a bunch of pain in her hands and feet. On the one hand, its good to know that she has feeling in her feet and hands... but on the other hand, thats probably where her feet and fingers are dying. Still, we can't do much but wait on that. There will be more updates about this later I'm sure.

Another of today's highlights is that Jamie began physical therapy today. Though I didn't see this happen, I did hear it happen, and I also heard about it. She wasn't moved around too much, but the physical therapist hung her feet off the bed and bent her arms and legs a few times. Jamie also made some kicking motions. Needless to say, she's pretty wiped after all of this and is in a morphine (I think its still Fentanyl, but Jamie was calling for morphine) induced sleep. Oh, right... today they also mentioned that she's now completely off of her morphine (or Fentanyl) drip. She gets pills every now and then (by mouth) and, if she doesn't get the pain killer by pill, then she gets a special little boost in her IV. So, that's good.

We haven't received any confirmation on the extent of the necrosis in her fingers and her feet... and we won't... until we do. That's the sad truth of it.

So, that's where we are. We're talking to a few other medical professionals that have been recommend to us, and many of them are confirming things that we've already been told. As for us, we're trying to get back to some normalcy. I'm going to work from Austin this week, and I'll be back to Fort Worth next Monday (give or take a few). KC is working a ton of shifts over the next six days and she'll be here while I'm gone. Roni will be here too, but she's got a ton of projects to finish before year's end and also has work. Mom is holding strong and tending to Jamie as much as possible (maybe more)... in fact, she may even be reading this (I love you, mom!)... but yeah, we're going to be ok for now. Jamie and the family love visitors during the day too, even if Jamie occasionally misses your visits because she's asleep... Keep the good vibes coming! Time for some sleep.