Jamie's Numbers Spike, then Settle - Request for Specialists

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Thanks to our cousins, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch. It definitely felt like Thanksgiving at a hospital, which is way better than Another Day at a hospital. Thanks also to Marina's mom for making some awesome desert for us.

Anyway, Jamie's numbers (temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, platelet count, white blood cell count, etc.) all look slightly improved. The last few days, her heart rate and blood pressure have been a bit nuts lately, but they're slightly down now. This isn't to say that her numbers are good, they're just better. Her BP is about 148/80 or so and HR is about 145. In the last few days, she's seen her BP get up to 160 and her HR has spiked to 170 in the past. She's been talking and stuff today, but she's still on a substantial amount of pain killers, so she's not always making a lot of sense.

Important - We need some referrals for doctors/specialists that can help us get Jamie the best possible care for her hands and feet. She'll be able to move from the hospital to another hospital soon (or so we think) and we're going to want to bring Jamie before some specialists that can work on saving/repairing as much of her fingers and feet as possible. So, if you know anyone (or know someone that knows someone) that can offer this kind of specific expertise concerning Jamie's hands and feet [in Texas], we'd really appreciate it (!!!!):

- Hands - specifically in the areas of vascular / amputation / prosthetics / skin grafts
- Feet - specifically in the areas of orhtopedics / vascular / amputation / prosthetics
- Rehabilitation - could use some refererences about the best rehab centers in Texas that Jamie can attend in order to rebuild her muscles and get oriented with her prosthetics.

Anyway, we'd like to start contacting people as soon as possible, so whenever you get these recommendations to us, the better. I'm sure the folks here at Seton are great, but for Jamie, we're looking for the best folks possible. Please send your tips. We really appreciate it!!!

OH! I almost forgot! Tomorrow, we're moving Jamie's stuff from her apartment to the new house. If you're in Austin, we'd appreciate a bit of a helping hand getting this done. Also, we'll be moving Roni from her apartment too, so all hands are helpful. There isn't too much heavy stuff at all (probably about 7 items total), so it won't be too big of a committment. If you can help, leave a comment (on the blog or the facebook, and I'll contact you). I'll buy you beer.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Talk to you soon.