7/10 - Checkup visit in Houston

So, things went very well in Houston. Mom, Jamie and I went to visit Dr. Boutros yesterday in order to follow up on last week's hand surgery. As reported by mom, the main focus of the hand surgery was to cap the exposed bones on Jamie's right hand, do some touch ups on her left hand, and, finally, expand the web space on both of her hands so she will be able to grip things better.

Ever since last weeks surgery, Jamie has had her hands wrapped up so thoroughly that they look like two of those turkey legs you can get at the fair. She's been pretty anxious to get her hands out of those things. So, to no one's surprise, Jamie unraveled her own hands before Dr. Boutros came into the room to see us. When Dr. Boutros came in, he was very happy with what he saw. The webspace on Jamie's right hand is pretty big. Big enough to hold a bottle of... soda... if she'd like to. Its still pretty tender, so there won't be any of that nonsense going on anytime soon, but it still looks pretty likely. Her index finger on the right side also looks pretty good. We didn't lose that much length on it at all. The rest of her fingers look good. As of now, the index and middle fingers look like they would fit nicely into some of those Pro-Digits we keep talking about.

So, we're happy with these results. Also, Dr. Boutros told us we didn't need to see him again for another 6 months. This means that in all likelihood, Jamie won't be having any surgeries until December. That's pretty cool. Also, Dr. Boutros said that, except for some xeroform she has to wear in between her right thumb and index finger, she doesn't need to keep her hands wrapped up anymore. They're to be cleaned with soap and water and lots of moistureiser. Not sure why, but it sounds like it makes sense.

The next steps, as far as her hands go, will be to get used to using them. They're still very sensitive. But that's how its been with everything. Later today, mom and Jamie are going to see a doctor about her right knee cap. Jamie says it is still hurting her a lot and its also not closing like the left one... the surgery on her right knee went well, but that doesn't mean that her skin is closing up like we'd like. So, if the MRI says something interesting, we'll have another problem to deal with. If not, then we're going to start moving forward with getting used to her prosthetics more. Thanks for all the support, everyone! We really appreciate it!