5/30 - A preview of mom's post, due out today!

Hey everyone! Things are going very well for us here in Austin. Mom is working on a post, and here's some of the things she could be working on...

- Maybe she's writing about Jamie being released from the hospital on Thursday... something nice about Jamie's first night in her own bed since November... a little feel good piece, ya know?

- Maybe she's writing about this new chapter in our recovery, where we're outpatients and have to drive Jamie back to St. Davids for her wound care, PT/OT and other doctors visits. You know, someone made an observation that now that Jamie is back home, mom will have to do all the work. That's true I guess, but Nurse Sake is there to help!

- Or, mom could be talking about Jamie's upcoming surgery on her right knee. Remember how those wounds aren't closing? The more troubling one is the result of a calcium buildup (an ulcer, actually... can it be both?) on her knee cap that prevents the wound from closing, thereby preventing Jamie from acclimating to her prosthetics. Dr. Mailman, who does our Wound Care, referred us to Dr. Malone, who's the bone doctor. He'll be doing the surgery. Its not a major procedure, but you know Jamie, and she'd rather be knocked out. There's more details, but I'll let mom handle it... afterall, this is supposed to be a preview.

- Actually, mom might be intending to talk about SB 819 - The Jamie Schanbaum Act. It passed through the legislature this week!!! I'll let mom handle the details, but all that's left is for Governor Perry to sign it... or rather, not veto it. We're cautiously optimistic. Did you see the piece in your local paper about how the Senate literally pulled the plug on the official clock at 11:58 so that they could submit all the bills by the midnight deadline?? Interesting, huh?

- It's kind of new news, but maybe mom will be talking about our upcoming trip back to Houston for Jamie's second flap procedure. Dr. Boutros is back from his Doctors Without Borders expedition to Vietnam, and he says we're ready to proceed. So, Houston.... we're coming back... for a few days, at least.

- Oh! Mom may talk about the new, customized wheelchair that DADS or DARS will be providing us with. It will have sparkly wheels.

- There's so many day to day things that mom's in charge of at the house... maybe she's going to write about Jamie's new routines... or the government agencies - DADS, DARS, etc. - that are hooking us up with things Jamie needs... Jamie's friends coming by to visit all the time...

Mom... write about some or all of these and I'll write about the rest! I'm on my way to Dallas now for a few days, talk to you all soon!