5/2 - Last Post from Houston!

Well, the day has finally come! We’re leaving tomorrow (Sunday) and will be back in Austin sometime tomorrow afternoon. Jamie, Michelle and I will be driving in my car; mom will drive Jamie’s explorer. Earlier this week, Michael taught us how to put Jamie in my car, and it isn’t too hard. So, tomorrow, we’ll pack my car up with our entire hospital room and hit the road. It’s been a long time coming, and this week, like all the others, has been a busy week. Jamie has had her feeding tube out since the beginning of the week. It was supposed to be pulled out really easily, but it got stuck on something, so it had to be removed surgically, which Jamie liked a whole lot. Definitely the shortest surgery Jamie’s ever had. Earlier in the week, we had thought that we’d be able to leave in the middle of this past week. Then, we had to have the feeding tube removed surgically, so plans changed and now we’re leaving on Sunday. We’ll check in on Sunday and be ready to get rehab started on Monday with the weekday schedule. We are so excited for the change of scenery and routine.

I’ll bust out a proper good-bye post sometime in the next day or so. We have met so many wonderful people here in Houston… I mean, we’ve been here for five months… we had a nice little good bye luncheon for the folks at St. Joe’s who have been instrumental in our recovery and I’ll write about it soon. I’ve been slacking on the posts of late… I’ll pick up the pace. Promise.

Before I split for now, I need to say thank you to the good folks at Shelton, Jaime’s school in Dallas. They had a Jean Day the other day to raise money for Jamie. I wrote about this before. It was a massive success and we’re overwhelmed by their efforts. Thank you all so much, Jamie and the family really appreciate it. When Jamie’s up and running again, we’ll come on up and say thanks in person!

Sorry about the short update, but, seeing as we’re leaving tomorrow, I need to help pack up the car and we all need to get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow will be a long day and we’re all pretty tired right now. I can’t believe the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated over the past 5 1/2 months. It’s a lot of stuff. A lot of protein bars and DVDs. I couldn’t be happier to pack everything up. Now, it’s onto the next phase... Austin… rehab... prosthetics…. zzzz….