Surgery Day -Post 1 to be continued later tonite

Let me first tell you that my internet card has not been working and it's difficult for me get out and go to AT&T shop to return/replace card. That is why I'm just getting a chance to write. We're in surgery and this is one of only a few hotspot in hospital. What is written below was done on word, copied and pasted. Again sorry

Surgery Thursday – It’s becoming a normal weekly occurrence for Jamie. But first
let me start from last Saturday’s surgery. Nicholas went over the surgical details of the surgery but let me give you my prospective. I was very concerned going into Saturday’s surgery because Jamie had still not quite recovered from Thursday’s surgery. She was lethargic, pale, not very responsive with a slight fever. The whole picture made me uncomfortable but we went forward with the surgery and the outcome was very uneasy. First, let me tell you her surgery was a success but because of her condition going into surgery it was still uncomfortable. We stayed in recovery till approx 6:30pm but instead of going back to our room Jamie was sent to ICU. Along with the nurses I had to keep constant visual over her afraid of the risk that she may wake up and pull her hand from the flap. Things continued to be bad – Jamie’s heart rate went as high up as 160 beats per minute with her fever as high as 104. Not a good picture – I felt like we were back in Austin. Her foley catheter was pulled and she could not regain her bladder control. But my god who would expect her to, she has had a catheter for 4 months. So needless to say there were a lot of accidents. It was so bad her bandages on her legs were soaked. So we got busy – Roni went to the pharmacy and purchased adult diapers until Jamie could get her control back. Keep in mind she was still coming out of her surgery. We finally were scheduled to come back to our room but at least our ICU nurse had the good sense not to send Jamie back to room with soiled bandages. Problem was that there were orders in her book to NOT touch her bandages. So after paging and paging one of Jamie’s doctors we decided to page our new St. Joe’s plastic surgeon he immediately returned the page and lifted the order to immediately change the bandages (btw what a great doctors he is). Michael from wound care came to save the day, put clean fresh bandages and we were released from ICU and headed back to room 563.

Remember Jamie now has a peg tube in her stomach coming out towards the left side of her belly. Feeding is only at night time from 8pm to 8am but like anything else it takes a little getting use to for everyone – Jamie, nurses, kitchen staff, me. Thank you Allison for all you do to make sure it’s done and done right..

Let me catch you up with a few other things. Because of the high fever a couple of things
needed to change – along with foley begin removed the central line was removed as well. Culture were done on her urine, the tip of the central line and blood was drawn from her arm to run tests. As to be expected cultures came back positive. Now Dr JJ Lin and Dr Seibert -Infectious Disesase, are back on the case. Antibiotics were ordered and now back on Jamie’s daily med regimen. Have I ever told you about these two docs - they are partners and beyond professional. They are here everyday and by everyday I mean first thing in the morning – early risers. I truly appreciate their constant concern and attention for Jamie.

It is now Thursday noon and Jamie is scheduled for surgery at 2pm to do grafts.
I promise to post after all is said and done.

ps: BTW it's now 4:50 and we're still waiting to go to surgery. Needless to say Jamie is starving
I will post later