MAJOR UPDATE (draft) - Jamie's Amputation Surgeries on Friday

I'll come back tomorrow to edit this further, but there is a big update coming about Jamie's amputation surgeries and this is just to give everyone the important facts. I'm just exhausted right now... its been a bit of a draining week.

After consulting with our team of doctors in Houston, we've decided to go ahead and move forward with Jamie's amputation surgeries on Friday, at noon. These are the amputation surgeries that we've always known were coming.

Jamie will have two below-the-knee amputations (BKAs). These are relatively standard. They cut the legs so that there is a certain amount of shin-bone remaining. Jamie has more than enough, so she should be fine.

Jamie's fingers/thumbs will be amputated to the extent that the finger tissue is necrotic. However, this is where things get interesting. They will save as much bone length as possible, and then, in 2-3 weeks, they will perform a procedure called a groin-flap. This means that, one at a time, Jamie's exposed (I think) finger tips will be placed within her skin. Then, surrounded by skin tissue, it should encourage real skin to grow around these extra bits of bone/finger-insides. Then, after a few weeks of that, they'll do a groin-flap with respect to her other hands.

There are other considerations, other details and other bits of information to get out there (like, HEY, Jamie's story has been told on ABC-Houston and CBS-Austin lately), but I'm trying not to exhaust myself before a busy weekend. There will be more details tomorrow before I drive to Houston. Sorry to be brief.... stay tuned.