2/7 Part 2 - Wrapping up day 1

We're almost through Jamie's first day after her amputation surgery. She's become a bit more accepting of what has happened, but she's in way too much pain to realize anything more about it. Physical Therapy came to the room earlier today to test Jamie's range of motion. She didn't like that too much. That was very painful for Jamie. After PT, she had Occupational Therapy come in. OT worked on her range of motion of her upper body in greater detail. That was a bit better. As for now, Jamie phases in and out of consciousness. She's taking a lot of medications and will be doing so until the pain becomes more tolerable. This is still the day after surgery, so its supposed to be the worst day...

Also, I should mention that before, when we were in the ICU, I bitched about how there was only one TV in the ICU. Now, there's two TVs! I guess people listened... now if they could do something about the two gigantic families that are in our waiting room. I can't hear either of the lovely tvs with these people making noise.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more.