December 4 update - movin' on up! (eventually), she blisters and moves some more

Short post here.

First, we're in line for the next Intermediate Care room. So, once someone in the IC is well enough to get out of our room, then we'll move on up... pending some cleaning and other shenanigans.

Second, Jamie did physical therapy again today, and it is/was kind of a drag. Jamie is fighting through it as best she can. First, they have her sit at the end of the bed. Then she lifts her calves... then her thighs off the bed... then she raises her arms... then she does some torso-type exercises. It just seems so exhausting.

Also, I saw some wound care type stuff. It was very encouraging to see the amount of blisters on her hands. Btw, blisters are a good thing. They generally mean that the skin is working to flush out the blisters and whatnot. Anyway, Jamie wants to see me, so I'm going back into the ICU. More updates soon enough.