my bike

hello viewers!! I thought I should tell everyone about my wonderful month of October(and now November), and how significant it was to me! As most people know, I started training for my bike in June, where I met Sean Ahmadi, my trainer. Him and I met atleast twice a week, where we focused on strengthening my legs by starting off on a stationed bike for 5-10 minutes, then go to the floor to stretch out my legs, work on my stomach, then up nd using the lat pull downs, and more biking. But never on my actual bike, on the road until Sean thought I was ready. And I agreed. But as the months kept going, I wanted to get on the road with my bike even more. Then my wish came true, right before my birthday.

My birthday is October forth, and it was a monday this year, but the weekend before Sean and I went on our first ride. Sean and I were both nervous; But, I think Sean was more nervous. We were worried about how to push off and stop, or how to brake, etc. But we started off with him holding my bike as I got on, and then he would do the whole "dad thing," by holding the bike as we started going and he let me go when I was ready. It was cute. haha. But we pushed off, and Sean got his bike to catch up with me. Man, what a great moment that was. After all this time, it was so amazing to feel the wind on my face, blowing by my ears, and it was great to be one with the moving scene. To write what I felt at that moment, is hard to describe. Sean even pulled out his iphone to record me, and in it, I was just smiling. Couldn't even talk. He asked how it felt, and I just smiled, opened my mouth but couldn't say anything. and just laughed. What a great moment. Then how we stop, sean goes a head of me to get off his bike, and as I would slow down, Sean would grab the bike to stop me. He is great. I cant believe how wonderfully well this has all gone for me. I cant believe I've gotten to this point. One year ago, I was barley walking on my own yet. And if someone told me that this is what I was going a year from then, Im not sure if I would of believed them. so, yeah! yahoo! I'm proud of myself! yippie! So on my second ride, we worked on braking, which made me nervous. Then we worked on shifting gears, on my third visit. And by this point I'm riding 4 miles per ride. I impressed myself. By the 4th ride, I was riding about 8 miles at the veloway. This entire time was at the veloway, and for those who are unfamiliar, its a place for cyclists, and roller blade/skaters to go and do a few laps. The entire course is three miles long and no runners or dogs are allowed. It's really interesting. Then possibly my 5th ride I went on South mo pac, where cars are going 60-70 mph and I rode with Sean, riding about 8 miles. Then by my 6th ride I rode 10 miles at the livestrong challenge on October 24. I couldnt believe it. There I rode with 3,000 other cyclists. I couldnt believe it. There I was not only accompanied by Sean, but also Aaron Foreman, Greg Lakompski*, Carlos Garcia, and my cousin Zeke Silva. We called Zeke to see if he would like to ride, and he accepted and rode the 10 miles with me. Aaron rode 65 miles, Greg and Carlos rode the 90 miler. UNBELIEVABLE. If you are unfamiliar with these people, check out my earlier post. Carlos, an above the knee amputee, just started riding a year ago only riding 10 miles, and now did 90 miles. holy poop. I think I can do that. Atleast at some point.

Anyways, this all happened in October. My first ride was the first weekend, and then three weeks later I was at livestrong riding 10 miles. What an accomplishment. I cant wait to see what happens next year. Thanks to those who keep reading, sorry I haven't been active on blogging. But I've been so busy with school. It's been the hardest yet. 4 more weeks til school is over, and I cant wait. Until next time. stay posted..