It's Jamie

Hey everyone! Jamie - checking in to keep you posted. Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Rayna DuBose. Rayna is another survivor of meningococcal meningitis who lost her legs below the knee and up to her mid forearm. I met Rayna and was amazed at how well she was able to move around. Let me add that she was wearing high-wedged heels with her prosthetic legs! We met because she was giving a speech in San Marcus at Texas State. I didn’t know what to except, but maybe an auditorium? But instead they had a huge room with round tables with about 2-300 people, who all were fed food. Rayna was a huge inspiration. She had an amazing way to capture the audience’s attention. They were all laughing and were all moved by her story. She was such a huge inspiration to me, and showed me that this is something that I could do. I met so many people and had a great time at Texas State. Who knows what the future holds for me.
The other day in PT/OT Bob took me out driving! Yeah, that’s right! Bob and I hit the road. We started off in the Hancock center, first just getting used to driving with my hands. But once I got used to it, we went through the Hyde Park neighborhood. Not quite like old times, but it will be later down the road. No pun intended. On another note, in my last PT/OT session, we met a prosthetist that specializes in hands. He brought down this new hand that is so new, that there is no news press on it yet. It was basically the opening of the iphone for hands. They’re luckily located in Irving, Texas. I say luckily because they are literally the only ones with this prosthetic. We’re having our evaluation two Mondays from now, and I think that I might get them in maybe two months from now. I’m so excited!!
I know it might be a little late but it was recently my mom’s birthday on September 4th, and I just wanted to mention how grateful I am to have her in my life. Life can get pretty challenging, but this year was especially difficult on everyone. But my mom was there for me, just as much as the sun was there for earth. And I am, needless to say, thankful for what she has done for me. And I love YOU mom!

This is Jamie, checking out!