Shelton School Blue Jean Day for Jamie - Thurs April 23

Blue Jean Day is a fun day for students at Shelton School in Dallas, Texas. The day is to obviously wear jeans (students are required to wear uniforms) but more importantly to support a wonderful cause. In this case Jamie is being honored. Below is the information as sent to parents and students at Shelton School. We truly want to thank them for their support.

2) BLUE JEAN DAY on Thursday, April 23 for All Students and Staff Donation of $5.00 to participate; check payable to Shelton School , or cash to division offices. Jeans must be worn with an approved Shelton t-shirt and tennis shoes. No cutoffs, patches, or torn jeans please. If the student does not participate, the uniform and approved shoes must be worn. This Blue Jean Day will be to honor a former Shelton student who has a love of life and is fighting very hard in a Houston hospital.

Donations will go to the family of Jamie Schanbaum to assist them in her medical expenses. Jamies story: she thought she had a bad case of the flu when she went to the emergency room on November 17, 2008. Much to everyones dismay, she was diagnosed with Meningococcemia, a bacteria which wreaks havoc on the bloodstream. The bacteria had spread throughout her body and was restricting blood flow to her extremities. Unfortunately, the impaired circulation to her hands and feet caused gangrene and on February 6, Jamie had surgery to remove most of her fingers and both legs below the knees. Jamie has many surgeries to be performed on her legs and hands but she is a fighter. Jamie will be fitted with prosthetics soon and will head back to school at UT where she will complete her studies in pharmacology.

The link below is a news report on Jamie. Some pictures are disturbing but every parent should know of the dangers when a child does not receive the meningitis vaccine. Shelton School has not allowed the students to view this links content.

We thank everyone at behind this idea at Shelton for their generosity. If you're interested, nicholas posted a link to the paypal account where people can donate money to Jamie's cause. Its on the side of the blog. We are so grateful to have received so many donations and contributions to Jamie's amazing success. Thank you so much and God bless you all.