4/1 - In Like a Lion.....Out Like a Lamb

And I mean that literally. Here is the recap of Jamie's roaring month of March. Jamie has been in and out of surgery 11 times that included a trip to ICU 4 grafts, 2 major hand surgery's, 6 wound dressing. She had too many sub-clavian central lines that eventually a central line was placed in her neck - and that was done twice. Bags and bags of IV solution as well as antibiotics were administered. She also had to have blood transfusion twice because of her white blood count and her hemoglobin.

Good news is that the month definitely ended like a lamb. Jamie had her final surgical procedure last night for her legs and bottom. She will have a few more surgery's on her hands. Last nights procedure included wound dressing change and more importantly checking the grafts on her bottom. Well the good news is 95% of the grafts on her bottom took. I was so excited - I was praying for 80% but needless to say I am overwhelmed. Yesterday they also drew blood to check her CBC (blood count) and more importantly her prealbumin level(protein). More good news the prealbumin has gone up from 7.2 to 15.8 (range is 20-40) Awesome!!! Allison, Jamie's dietitian, was so excited she made a sign to put up in Jamie's room congratulating Jamie on her great progress.

Because of all this wonderful progress her central line was pulled out this morning - no more wire hangers - I mean no more IV's. Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!!! Legs and bottom wound care will now be done bedside and Jamie may no longer need dressing's on her legs. That in itself in incredible because Jamie's legs have been wrapped since this horrible disease took over her life. We'll be able to see her beautiful legs again. Also, physical therapy will resume next Monday. We need to get Jamie strong enough to get out of here and move on to a Rehab facility.

So April is starting off great. Rehabs facilities as well as prosthetics companies have been contacted. Jamie's professors have also been emailed to see if and how Jamie can complete her '08 fall classes. In my best quesstimate we may be in Houston only another 3 weeks. From here Jamie will enter a rehab facility for aproximately a 1 month stay. Of course all this is wishful and hopeful planning. Jamie still has a lot of hard work ahead of her but at least its something to look forward to - the future.

thanks for all your thoughts and prayers - May God Bless All of You