From the Love of a Mother to St Joseph Hospital

Heartwarming - is only one word that comes to mind when I think of the overwhelming love and thoughtfulness that has been shown to Jamie (and her family) by the many employees at St Joseph Hospital. Speechless is another word. I just don't know where to begin to thank you - each and everyone of you. From when we first arrived on Thursday Dec 11th and being greeted in emergency by ? (I can't remember her name but I won't forget her face) but she immediately made me feel at ease. Understand it's a pretty frightening thing as a parent to care flight your critically ill child to the unknown. As a lioness protecting her young it's not always easy getting past her but it didn't take long to feel at home.

In past post we've mentioned our first group of friends in ICU. If you're keeping up you know we had to go back to ICU after Jamie's amputation surgery. I know I felt at ease but most importantly Jamie was at ease going back. Seeing Steve, Megan, Sara, Mid, Cody and our new friends was great, let's not forget Wadell.

The second group of friends we met at St Joseph upon our arrival is my most unforgettable. I mean I truly will never forget them - they will always have a special spot in my heart - that would be "wound care". Understand that's a big group - Hyperbaric, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy. They always amaze me and will never seize to amaze me.
Hyperbaric: April's mom made the most beautiful blanket for Jamie - I tell everyone about it and I show it to everyone. I will think of you always when we cuddle up in the blanket. Lupe - what a truly beautiful soul you have as well as your family. Her husband fixed a burnt out tail light for me and even brought Jamie a gift. She has always watched out for my Jamie (and Me) and I will never forget. Allison always makes us smile - but she out did herself when we showed up with designer hospital gowns for Jamie. I couldn't even tell her how full my heart was - unbelievable. Lindy Lu did something very sweet for Jamie - well her husband did - he made a copy of Jamie's news report. But understand April, Lupe, Allison, Lindy Lu, Janice, Rodney and Duncan have gone above and beyond. On another day they gave Jamie a singing teddy bear nurse that sang "I'll be There" well it brought me to tears.
Wound Care: They may be listed after hyperbaric but in our eyes they are just as important to us - Monina, Michael, Cristina, Barbara, Billie, Mary, Bernadine. Well first let me say Jamie loves Michael (ok maybe - wound care is tough - OUCH!!!!) but she loves the girls a little more, they seem to be a bit more gentle. It's not an easy job but I can tell in their dedication to Jamie's well being that every day they spend with her is why they are in their chosen career. Upon hearing of Jamie's surgery they immediately came to visit with gifts and a get well card that everyone signed. How great is that. BTW Barbara thanks for the Arizona teas
PT/OT: Another thankless job but just as important. Vijay - I know Jamie is always yelling at you but you must know that what you do for her is very important for her well being. Eileen, Colleen, Barbara, Theresa, Carolyn - every bit of what you do for her is important. Again it's the little things - Eileen, hunting down the perfect wheelchair for Jamie. Colleen bringing the "Secrets" book & DVD was very special and then when Colleen made, on her own time, a cuff for Jamie. She even made sure to make it in bright colors. Barbara making sure that Jamie does all the right exercises by giving us a print out of each one. Oh Barbara thanks for the scrunchies Everything they do will help get her life back. Again, thanks for the card & gifts for Jamie.

Here is where it gets even crazier. Here is where the "Wow" factor sets in. Here is where you all have amazed me. The day before Jamie's surgery two nice women from Central Business Office came in to Jamie's room carrying two cards and a nice gift. We didn't open the cards, Jamie was eating, but we thanked them and off they went. When we finally opened the cards we were shocked - shocked at all the people who signed the cards. All the beautiful well wishes, thoughts and prayers of hope and strength Again, thank you so much for taking the time to do this for Jamie - I will never forget it. That same day a group of O.R. nurses came with cards and gifts - Once again the card was signed by so many people. The gifts were Betty Boop containers carrying candies, hair scrunchies, a betty boop t-shirt and most incredible was a stereo. Once again, you left me speechless.

Last but certainly not least - I must give a big thank you to the 5th floor crew. Odette, Joslyn, Dinnah & Jake - the charge nurses - all of them go out of their way to make Jamie comfortable and they have all become attached to Jamie. We must send a shout out to Joanne, Maddie (you strong woman), Tammy, Edison, Lori you always put a smile on our face. I could see in their eyes how attached they become especially when we made the decision to go forward with her surgery. I saw how it broke their hearts. Can't forget the nurses aides they too are so very kind and sweet after all some of them are Jamie's age.

So you see, it's to hard to mention everyone because there are definitely alot of people. I know I have forgotten a few but please forgive me I will catch you later. It's just there are so many. I've just scratched the surface. There's security, starbucks crew, housekeeping - the list is endless. So from the bottom of my heart I want to send a HUGE - "Thank You" you all will always be special to me & I consider you my family.
With lots and lots of Love - Patsy Schanbaum

PS - You see I knew I would forget someone and trust me she is always here. I'm sorry! It's Allison, Jamie's dietician. She took the time out of her own evening to make us some [nutrient-rich-drink] Jello. She's been very helpful as we've been looking for types of foods that Jamie would eat AND were good for her protein levels. She's always bringing the goods, sushi, mac n cheese, whatever jamie wants, so for that, we're very thankful. And her Dad, Lofter, has become a frequent commenter on the blog, so we can't forget about his daughter!! Also, Karen from ICU dietician - can't forget her and all the excellent food that she bakes and cooks and brings from home. - thanks again - lots of love