2/7 - Jamie is awake, intubated and aware of what happened. Questions?

OK, another round of questions and answers. This seems to be a useful (an useful?) way to deliver this information. So, here... we.... go!

1) "Thanks so much for taking our questions, you look really tired."
- That wasn't a question.

2) "Sorry. How's Jamie?"
- She's doing ok. She was just taken off of the ventilator. Just now. She just hates being on those things. KC and mom are in there now with her, I'm sure she's trying to talk but though things really do a number on your throat. She has seen her amputations and she's on an emotional roller coaster right now. OK, perhaps it isn't a roller coaster, since she's not ever super enthusiastic about her amputations... maybe she's on an emotional subway right now. She's healthy though, and that's all we're hoping for right now.

3) "How long is she going to be in the ICU for?"
- She'll probably get out on Sunday or Monday. Though, as I said yesterday (when the plan was for her to leave the ICU today or Sunday), you really can't rely too much on hospital time-tables.

4) "And you guys? How are you all doing?"
- We're holding it together pretty well. Look at that, someone just delivered a box of flowers to us while mom and I are sitting here, so that helps. (Thanks, Kerry and Dave!!).

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what is going on this morning. Mom is off to eat breakfast with her siblings, KC is in the room with Jamie and I'm sitting in the waiting room watching our stuff and typing. Just another day in the life...