Same Address Different Room - from Room 565 to Room 563

Beginning of the week - back to the routine and as a typical day in the life of Jamie things change daily. We moved 2 doors down from other room - just a few feet bigger but more importantly a better view, more sunshine and hey a table to sit at.

More importantly and huge, Jamies had her feeding tube removed. WOW! Came to find out when it was time to begin her feeding late Saturday night the tube was clogged - not a good thing. See Jamie needs as much calories, protein and nutrients as possible. It's all about the healing process and she needs the extra calories from her tube feeding to help her heal. Two possible scenarios - replace the tube (Jamie was very upset) this involves sticking a 3 foot long tube down her throat, pass her stomach to her small intestines, all under the watchful eye of the X-ray or pull it out all together and hope for the best . Hope that Jamie eats enough not to require the tube feeding. Well, good news not only is it out but she is eating up a storm and not throwing up or the least bit nauseated. I, her mom, am soooooo happy. I hated seeing her throw up every day, two to three times a day. But today she ate and ate and ate - even a foot long hot dog from Sonic. Great news and by the way I love seeing her sweet face without all those tubes.

We must keep a constant watch on her blood counts, temp and heart rate - all very important info because Jamie is off all antibiotics. As of today her white blood count went up slightly, hemoglobins went down and temp is OK - all OK but I say that loosely. I'm very gun shy, very cautious and maybe a bit too anxious about all these numbers. But I watch and talk with all the docs. I must of talked enough because they have redrawn blood to cross check blood types to give her a transfusion in anticipation of her next surgery/debriedment on Wednesday. She looses blood at each surgery so lets take care of blood now - boost it up.

Jamie now takes all her med's orally - awesome. The only foreign object in her body is her central line where she receives fluids and transfusion - also awesome. Her body is healing at a remarkable rate but as of toady we are on the other side of our treatments. We're in this for 50 hyperbaric treatments and we are at 25. She still needs pain meds because her wounds are at the point where they are superficial wounds exposing her nerve ending. Right now her vitals are great - blood pressure is 117/58, heartrate is 108 and temp is 98 - all great for Jamie. I wish I had her BP

Roni and Nick left Sunday - always sad to see them go. Jamie loves to show them her new accomplishments and spending time with them. Today we said goodbye to Uncle Zeke and Aunt Shirley - thanks for coming and for your help and today we also said hello to Claire and Sara. It's seem be be getting a little to quiet with everyone heading back to school but remember that we love you - keep your comments coming in, we read them to Jamie daily - and always remember her in your prayers.