Mom's Update - 12/21 once again

12/21 - Sunday from Just Mom, aka Jamie's nurse, social secretary, wing man, dietitian, roomie, bodyguard, etc., etc.

Everyday for Jamie is another day of progress, recovery & miracles. She has been doing hyperbaric chamber
treatment also known as "diving" everyday this week including Saturday & today (Sunday) in anticipation of her
scheduled Wednesday surgery (more about that later). She is in for 2 hours - first 10 minutes is compressing down to 33 feet under sea level breathing 100% pressurized oxygen which turns to liquid in her lungs and then travels throughout her body by way of her cells. As her heart pumps out blood it travels to her lungs to pick up oxygen which helps her wound healing, gives her energy & makes her more alert & much much more.
The more oxygen therapy the better. She sweats alot while in the chamber but with her own strength
she manages to raise her arm to her forehead to wipe the sweats away - a huge accomplishment for her.

Another scheduled daily activity is her PT/OT - exercise to strengthen her weak muscles. But she is a trooper
The grimacing on her faces show me how hard she is working to get her strength back. Another big
accomplishment these last few days is that she is able to sit on a chair. The tech raise her from
her bed by way of the big purple scooper. She manages to stay seated for 2 hours.

Last but not least she has PT-Wound Care. Another more gruelling daily activity for Jamie that requires
4 tech and approximately 2 hours to take care of her wounds. It's entails constant moving, turning & raising
of her body & limbs to clean & bandage all her wounds & keep them free from any infection which continues to be a worry for all. It no wonder that her heart rate is at a constant aerobic state
Her heart beats constantly at approx 110 beats per minute.

I keep constant tract of her meds & of course her nurses (no nurse Rachets for her). She is on 25 different
medicines daily some which require 2 - 4 dosages. Her appetite is not quite there yet so she is still on
nightly tube feeds that give her around 900 calories but she needs at least 2500 calories to help her body heal.

So at this time I have to tell you Jamie is doing all the work in her healing process.Needless to say I do not want to leave her site. But for the sake of everyone around me I do manage to get my showers in - do not want infectious disease doc to call me out.

Jamies social calendar continues to grow. Friday, her BFF Cristina from Austin, left to go back home having been her for a week. We will truly miss her company. This weekend the grandparents from Bville along with Aunt Cindy and cousin Sara came of visit. They left at noon and 2 hours later the family from the paternal side came to visit - Papa Gene from Big D, Uncle Tood & Aunt Susan from NJ and Uncle Dean & Aunt Betty from San Antonio. As I write this we're waiting for more BFF's from Austin to come for a visit. We love to see more of you come visit just let us know when so we can add you to the calendar. We also have plans to set up SKYPE so that she can visit with more OOT people and you can see her great recovery. But in the
meantime if you want to send a card and/or letter - send it to:

Jamie Schanbaum
St Joseph's Pavilion Hospital
ICU - Room N19
1401 St. Joseph Parkway
Houston, Texas 77002

Enough for now - later we can pick up on details about the surgery.
Just remember to continue to pray for Jamie's complete recovery. And always remember that I - my children's mom - will be forever grateful for all the love & support you have shown and given to us. Till later may
God Bless You