December 4 update (2) - What Dr. Hand Doctor said about Jamie

Well, there's nothing definitive... not that there's ever anything definitive... but what the doctor said is very encouraging... Basically, as I said, we're waiting for a demarcation line to form on Jamie's fingers and feet and he spoke about the demarcation lines in a very favorable way....

... follow me here for a second...

Jamie's finger tips are black... then there's some purpleish/red that goes from the black to the flesh-toned skin on her hand/wrist.... so it goes:

Black (finger tips) >>>> Purple (rest of finger, hand) >>> Flesh (the rest)

With me?

So, he said that the demarcation line looks pretty clear, and that we can pretty well determine where the dead/lost tissue is... and he pointed to the Black/Purple line and not the Purple/Flesh line. That is the difference between losing fingertips and losing hands.

So, not losing hands... probably... that's nice.

That's all I've got for now... we haven't moved into the Intermediate Care (IMC is apparently the abbreviation of choice) room yet and I'm not sure we will tonight. Otherwise, I'm done with my legal work for the day and now I don't have much to do but watch UT/UCLA basketball and get kicked out of Jamie's room for telling her I love her too much...

... that did happen, btw.