12/17 Update - Slow improvement (where possible), but now she's all alone with mom

I wish there was something exciting to post about, but there just isn't. Jamie continues along with her regular regimen of PT (Physical Therapy - move the legs, move the arms, try to sit up), wound care (wound care), hyperbaric chamber, and, between all of that, the constant poking and prodding that comes with being a uniquely sick patient. Its pretty exhausting for her, but the last few days with her friends were probably her best days in Houston. Now, its just mom and Cris (one of her bffs) that are staying with her. (KC and I had to go back to our cities for work). I wish I was there, as we all do, and I'll be there this weekend. Jamie's really grateful for the love and good wishes. She can't wait to see you, if and when you get to Houston.

[MOM - now that you have the internet, you can add some new posts. Tell everyone about your new and random hotel/hospital room. You can keep us updated from there, unless you need me to, and I'll be happy to do so]