12/14 Update - New TV, new routines, Jamie's thumb looks ready to fall off

Nothing really new to add about Jamie's condition. She had been running a bit of a temperature, but that's under control now. We're still waiting for the necrotic tissue on her fingers and feet to be more defined. You'd think that would already be the case, but her skin appears to be repairing itself further southward than before. What I mean is that there appears to be new skin being produced (scabbing and whatnot) closer to her ankles than before... and more towards the tips of the fingers than before (though not even close to the tips, just saying that's the direction its going). During wound care today, Jamie and one of the wound care people were talking about her thumb (I think her right thumb) looks like it is getting close to falling off (or sloughing off, as they say). That should happen sometime soon, or at least thats the impression I got. I didn't ask, because it seems largely irrelevant at the time. When it comes off, it comes off... essentially, that is the method wherein we'll save the most living tissue.... Jamie and I are very interested to see how this progresses.

In other news, Uncle Dean and I got a video projector off of craigslist to make Jamie's room a bit nicer. Cris, a member of Jamie's A-Team, is here, so Jamie's perked up a lot.

Anyway, as for me, I'm off to Best Buy to make sure that mom didn't actually fully break my computer. Hopefully, its nothing... More updates coming later.