The pictures below are from the month of April 2016.  This includes photos from Anne Geddes photo-shoot, the GSK team, satellite media tour, and of course, World Meningitis Day event in Philadelphia!  More details from these photos can be seen under the blog.


The pictures seen below were at The JAMIE Group Fundraiser on February 13th, 2016 at Austin Beerworks.  After those, we have pictures from Jamie's trip to London where she visited GSK's High Performance Lab (where she met fellow meningitis survivor and Paralympian Aaron Phipps), and later presented in front of GSK employees from all over the world.

The pictures seen below are from the GlaxoSmithKline Blogger Summit event that took place in New York City in December.  The photos start out from interviews with NY1 and also Fox News, and then finish with the actual event held at the Soho house!

The pictures below are from the Boost the Volume Campaign that Jamie did with Lucy Hale on the importance of meningitis vaccines for teens.  There was a public service announcement, interviews, speaking, and touring in four cities (New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, & Portland). In LA, I met up with old friend and meningitis survivor Amy Purdy and we were able to go backstage and see the show together.  Great time indeed. 

New York - NMA Gala 2015. National Meningitis Annual Gala to fight against meningitis took place in New York City in late April.  I traveled there with my boyfriend of three years, and we were able to experience the Gala together.

 Below are old photos we were able to gather from the old Jamie Group website.